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Flexible Education

We charge Minimal Course Fees and All our Courses are Payable by Modules so that it wont be a burden to Students.

Qualified Tutors

UIPMAcademy is an Accredited Online Institution. Our Academic Leadership includes Scholars from the best Universities around the World.

Interactive Courses

100% Online Learning. Control your Education Schedule by Studying Anytime and Anywhere - At Home, Work, or even on the Move.

24/7 Online Support

Students will receive Personalized Attention and a Supportive Learning Experience to Fuel their Success.
 Aim High, See Big, Judge Widely

Get Closer To Your Goals

Technology is one of the most effective ways of Learning.
Online courses have revolutionized Education. They are extremely beneficial for those who want to teach or learn with Flexibility in Time and Location.

Online Courses provides plenty of activities through which an instructor can transfer their knowledge fast and easily.
At UIPM Academy, students will go through a Knowledge Base Transformation.

Our Courses

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What Our Tutors Have To Say About Us...

The Course materials is excellent, the Mentoring approach is excellent. The Instructors did a good job of Communicating and making it a more Intimate Arrangement.
Dr. Malcolm Chen
Teaching online classes has been a major benefit to me.  Thanks UIPMAcademy for allowing me to have a flexible schedule while developing my business.
Dr. Nancy Hannah Tan
I would like to thank UIPMAcademy for their continuous support. The courses were challenging, but the Students were always there supporting me and ready to help.
Dr. Eddy Noor Hassan
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